1. Our students will achieve high school graduation through a meaningful and relevant curriculum.
2. Improve student happiness and satisfaction with their high school experience.


An Alternative High School 

New West High School is Johnson County School District 1’s alternative high school. Nationwide, alternative high schools generally serve students who are at-risk of educational failure, or dropping out. By Wyoming statute, our state’s alternative schools serve students whose educational needs are not being met by their district’s traditional high school program. 

Characteristics of Alternative High Schools 

Alternative schools have developed general characteristics that distinguish them from non-alternative (traditional) schools. These characteristics include a focus on relationships (both teacher-student and student-student), informal structure, flexible scheduling, an intensive career and social-emotional focus, and reduced school days. 

New West High School Characteristics

  • A "school of choice:" Students are required to apply 

  • Low student-teacher ratio

  • Mixed grade-level classes

  • Deliberate instruction on essential skills for school and life (communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution)

  • Small school; ~30 students, 7 staff

  • Graduation requirements include personal finance, self-improvement, and career exploration

  • Whole-student focus (including mental health)

  • Emphasis on relationships between staff and students 

  • Real-world requirements (career development, self-improvement, personal finance) 

  • Fewer electives offered/required 

  • Internship, mentorship, and on-the-job-training requirements 

Something unique about New West is our ability to personalize student learning to meet post-secondary goals. Because we are small and able to get to know our students on a personal level, we can match students with workplace learning opportunities specific to their interests, we can tailor their college and scholarship search to match student goals and financial needs.  

2021 and 2022 New West Graduates are . . .

Attending college at LCCC, Casper College, Sheridan College, Aims Community College, Black Hills State College, as well as working in hospitality, and culinary fields, and for Burlington Northern Railroad.