Bus Registration

As Johnson County School District #1 moves forward with transportation through this delicate time and begins to plan for the start of school, JCSD#1 is faced with many hurdles. With recent covid -19 restrictions and concerns for health and safety we are also plagued with a lack of drivers to fulfill our needs for routing within Johnson County and are having to eliminate 3 bus routes in and around Buffalo.


JCSD#1 is asking parents to please register their students with a 100% commitment as to whether their child will be riding a bus to and from school on a daily basis. There will be limitations and restrictions to in-town students and shuttles to and from clubs, daycare or after school activities and are undetermined at this time. Please submit prior to August 9, 2020.


The District will conform to the Wyoming Department of Education’s Chapter 20 Rules for student transportation of 2 miles for secondary and high school students, and 1 mile for elementary students.


Bus routes will be determined based on location and daily ridership, this registration and commitment becomes very important for families that rely on this as a service and not as a convenience. Please complete the form at this link:


All students will be required to properly wear their masks at all times completely covering their mouth and nose. No food or drinks will be allowed at any time on the bus, students will be required to wear seat belts if equipped and to remain seated at all times, seating arrangements may be assigned to help ensure the health of students. 

The County and State Health Departments are requiring District to use these requirements if we want to start school on time, if we don't comply, school cannot open. 


Dennis Zezas

Transportation Director