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Mercury Test Results Meadowlark Elementary

Meadowlark Gym Floor Update:

A phone call and email from Wyoming OSHA Deputy Administrator Dan Bulkley was received yesterday afternoon. He explained the air samples and wipe samples collected at the gym were taken to assess exposure to Mercury from the flooring. He further explained, “Wyoming OSHA calculations and the WOHL Chemist air sampling results indicated no concerns, as all samples were well below Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs).” In addition, his email noted, “According to Wyoming OSHA calculations and the WOHL Chemist wipe sampling results indicated low levels of Mercury were present but were not of concern.”

 Mr. Bulkley communicated it was safe to resume normal use of the room, and that the official report with more detailed information will be sent to the District. 

Meadowlark Gym Floor Update:

OSHA called and indicated someone will be here tomorrow or Friday to conduct testing. It will take up to eight hours to collect an air sample, and it usually takes 2-4 weeks to get the results. However, they will try to expedite the process for getting results to the District. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can take the next steps needed. Again, please send all questions from the media to either JCSD1 Superintendent, Gerry Chase  at or to JCSD1 Board Chairman, Marcy Schueler at

Meadowlark Gym Floor Concern:

Keeping kids safe at Meadowlark Schools prompts change of schedules.

The gym surface at Meadowlark School is in need of repair or replacement.  The floor was checked, and it was discovered that when the floor was manufactured, there was Mercury used in its development.  With this knowledge, Facilities Supervisor Chris Spencer, sent a sample to be tested for Mercury.  The levels were higher than OSHA deems safe.  According to Karen Schubert with OSHA, “if the floor contains more than 20 ppm of Mercury, vapor concentration may approach or exceed levels of health concern under some conditions.”  The floor at Meadowlark tested at 190 ppm.  So, with this now known, we are making arrangements to not use the gym at Meadowlark school until a safe option can be found for kids and staff. 

Mercury was commonly used in the polyurethane in gym and cafeteria floors installed between the 1960s and the 1980s.  There have not been health risks that have been positively identified in children  coming directly from this type of Mercury exposure. However, because we know other types of contact with Mercury can cause health problems, and that some Mercury vapor could be in the air from the gym floor polyurethane, it is with an abundance of caution that JCSD1 is taking these steps. 

The plan now is to have lunch served at the Clear Creek Middle School, which is just steps away for all Meadowlark students. The  PE classes and Mr. Townsend’s office have been moved as well to another location.  All principals in the buildings, food service personnel, district administration and the school board are working together to make sure we keep our kids and staff safe, now that we are aware of this potential problem.

A message will go out to the parents via our website, on Blackboard Connect , a press release to local media and by telephone via our calling system.  

Please send all questions from the media to either JCSD1 Superintendent, Gerry Chase  at or to JCSD1 Board Chairman, Marcy Schueler at

JCSD1 staff are diligently working to create usable solutions to the myriad problems that come with a shift of building space in such a short time frame, as our main priority is to keep both students, staff and the community totally safe.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the Johnson County School District #1 web presence. We are glad you are visiting with us electronically. The information provided at this web site is intended to assist parents, patrons, staff and students in finding or researching information of interest.

Johnson County School District #1 is located on the east slope of the Big Horn Mountain Range located in northeastern Wyoming and includes the communities of Buffalo and Kaycee. The district serves approximately 1290 students and has a general fund budget of approximately $20 million dollars.

Our district schools include:

  • Meadowlark Elementary School serves grades K-2 and houses approximately 275 students.
  • Cloud Peak Elementary School serves grades 3-5 and houses approximately 275 students.
  • Clear Creek Middle School serves grades 6-8 and houses approximately 250 students.
  • Buffalo High School serves grades 9-12 and houses approximately 325 students.
  • Kaycee School serves grades K-12 and houses approximately 155 students.

Johnson County School District #1 continues to strive to meet the educational goals established by our Board of Trustees. We look forward to meeting the educational challenges of our students today and into the future.

Enjoy the web site and please contact us with any questions or concerns about Johnson County School District.

Gerry Chase, Superintendent

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School Improvement Status
All students in Meadowlark and Cloud Peak Elementary were eligible for school choice in 2014-2015, but no students selected Kaycee Elementary as their option.

"As a result of the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), 22 students in Johnson County School District are eligible to receive extra help in the areas of math, reading and language arts. The choices for the extra services are listed in the link below titled Supplemental Education Service Providers. As of this time, not students have elected to participate. If you have further questions, feel free to contact your building principal."
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