4-Day School Week Study


Our purpose is to use a deliberate, transparent, and impartial process to meet our objective, which is to recommend to the Board whether or not JCSD1 should consider a 4-day school week beginning with the 2025-2026 school year.

Why is JCSD1 studying a 4-Day School Week:

  • A 2022 stakeholder survey (358 responses) indicated that 65% of respondents were in favor of “pursuing a 4-day school week calendar.”

  • The 4dsw continues to be considered by many districts in the mountain west.

  • The four-day work week is a trending national conversation.

  • Most importantly, is it good for kids?!


4-Day School Week Study Timeline

4dsw timeline proposed

District Steering Team

Charles Auzqui

Mike Hanson

April Baumgartner

Sandy Moon

Heather Gorman Haas

Dakota Owens

4-Day Week Study Group

Annika Walker

Rick Sanchez

Michelle Dahlberg

Kathy Camino

Bill McKenzie

Valerie Hurm

John Zink

Ricci Sanders

Laurie Graves

Craig Anderson

Brandon Farris

Gib Ostheimer

Matt Crider

Michelle Muffett

Susan Krueger

Anna Merritt

Kelly West

James Kozisek

Tucker Ruby

Paul Rickett

Reed Davidson

Kelsey Tobiasson

Miranda Camino

Cheyann Pehringer

Lori Johnson

Tiffany Songer

Claire Hicks

Orion Ostheimer

Gio Montrastelli

Tiffany Songer