October 18, 2021

Dear Parents,


Winter made its appearance earlier this month dumping lots of needed moisture on October 12th and 13th.  While this moisture was well needed, it did cause school to be canceled.  Our school calendar does not have preset dates for snow days, but rather it is designed to have makeup days on Fridays.   Our goal for the snow day makeup is to accomplish them during the semester that they occur and to give enough forewarning as to when they are made up for families to plan.   We will be completing our make up days on November 12th and December 3rd with early release for both days at 1pm.

Because this might not be the only snow day for the school year, JCSD#1 has submitted and has been approved by the state to go to a virtual snow day for future occurrences.  In order for us to have a virtual day the following must be in place


  • Parents will be informed a minimum of 16 hours in advance that we are or potentially will be doing remote instruction the following day. 

  • Chromebooks will be sent home with all students the day prior to remote learning taking place. 

  • Internet concerns for families will be addressed and arrangements will be made to allow all students the opportunity for meeting virtually

K-12 Instruction Platform 

  • Will be provided with Canvas  


  • Remote Learning requires that we teach a normal schedule for ALL K-12 students.  

  • K-6 Students

    • Required to check-in at normal schedule time with their classroom teacher and follow all expectations for the day. 

  • 7-12 Student

    • Required to attend every class virtually

    • Complete all assignments given in  Canvas for each class. 

Activities & Athletics

  • All Activities and Athletics will be canceled if school is closed due to weather conditions.

In the event that school must be canceled without prior notice we will then utilize a typical snow make up day later in the calendar year.  Hopefully we got our snow days for the year and we won’t be missing any more school.  If you happen to have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office.

Yours in Education,

Jake Evans Kaycee Principal