September 29, 2021

Dear Parents,


School is in full swing now and we’re nearing the end of the first quarter, if you can believe that!  Next week is homecoming so please come and support the Broncs and Buckaroos as they take on Guernsey.  We are just now wrapping up WYTOPP testing and FastBridge assessments.  We will be digging into the data and determining where we need to focus.      

Book clubs have continued to be a positive initiative.  A lot of the book clubs are on their second book or are in the process of selecting their second book. This dedicated time to reading has brought about inquisitive questions and great side conversations. I personally have enjoyed my book club time with my book club kids.  We would like to encourage the entire community of Kaycee to take up reading.  Please share with your children what you might currently be reading on the side.   

The tradition of celebrating the 8 Keys and Cowboy Ethics has started for this year.  As in the past, we like to celebrate when your children are exhibiting one of these attributes in a positive and meaningful manner.  In our commons, we have posted a picture of those students who exhibit one of the 8 Keys and Cowboy Ethics.  We have continued with celebrating student of the month through staff nominations.  Each teacher who nominates does a short video congratulating their student on their efforts and explaining how they have exhibited the Key.  This last month was Balance and this month is Ownership.  

On October 7th we will be participating in the Walk to School Day which is an international event that is celebrated in October each year with the focus to get families, teachers, city staff, and community members walking together, while educating children and families about the benefits of walking. Please come and join us in the event.  We will begin our walk at the Kaycee General Store at about 7:45 am and head to the school.  Busses will drop children off at the Kaycee General Store so that they may participate.

P/T conferences will be held October 28th from 4-8pm and on the 29th from 8am to noon.  October 21st is the last day of the first quarter, so we will send progress reports home the following week after quarter grades are official. 

Don’t forget, up-to-date information and sports schedules are always available on our school web page ( and on our Facebook page: (  Feel free to reach out anytime to the teachers, office personnel, or myself via phone, email, or in person if you need more information. 

Yours in Education,

Jake Evans Kaycee Principal