Hello parents,

On December 14 the Johnson County School District Board of Trustees unanimously decided to cancel the Red Hills and Upper Clear Creek Bus route that was temporarily suspended on November 11th as a result of driver shortage.

Johnson County School District currently does not have enough drivers to fulfill several routing needs around the Buffalo area. Unfortunately, the District has had very little response after nine months of advertising and many attempts to find drivers.

Students in the Red Hills area can meet Bus #14 at Tipperary and TW Road for pick up at 7:15 am and drop off at 3:51 pm.

At this time, we will not be able to provide transportation on Upper Clear Creek.

 A parent or legal guardian of any isolated pupil may be eligible to file a transportation reimbursement claim with the district on a form provided by the district specifying the total round-trip miles traveled each day to and from the bus stop or the school, as applicable. Isolation information can be found on the Johnson County School Districts web site at www.jcsd1.us under the transportation tab.

Please contact the Transportation Department at 307-684-5276 with any questions.

We understand and apologize for any inconvenience this creates.


Dennis Zezas Director of Transportation