March 26, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to give an update for all as we continue the closure.  JCSD is working on many options as we look down the line for continued learning for students.  There are many rumors out there about what is going on and I would ask that people refrain from spreading rumors and making assumptions.  Everyday provides a lot of new information and discussion that has to be processed and scrutinized to determine the affects it will have on the students and community. 

I have just received word that Johnson County has its first confirmed case of COVID 19.  In light of that news, I will be closing down all building’s usage of the key fobs or electronic entry starting tonight.  Staff will have to contact their building administrator to get into the buildings during designated hours so we can monitor the activity going in and out of the buildings.  Each building administrator will be getting information out to staff on the hours they want staff to come in and how the procedure will work. 

Parents, after the meeting I had this morning with state officials, there is no definite time table to determine when it will be considered safe for students to return to the buildings.  The only thing that is certain is the district needs to have multiple plans in place as well as have the ability to adapt.  At this point, I know that no students will be allowed back before April 17th and it could extend to mid-May.  Again, nothing long term has been decided or recommended by the state.  We will make decisions based on updated information as we get it.

The plans that the administration team and teachers are putting together will be to cover how learning will continue so we can start counting days after April 3rd.  The goal is to have the work in place so students will continue to make progress towards moving to the next grade level as well as the seniors to graduate.  By doing this, we are trying to avoid any possibility of having the school year extended into June.  That has been only discussed as an option, but has not been put into place at any level.  I’m just trying to plan for worst case scenario.  If we over plan, we are more likely to avoid that.  It will take the help and work of everyone in the district as well as the community. 

Here is the list of things we know:

  1. Students will not be back before April 17th.
  2. Consistent attendance will be required starting April 6th and expectations on homework for completion and grade/credit.
  3. Teachers and staff will work with students and parents on how it is going to look at getting the work back to the teachers.
  4. The school district will be taking a week by week approach to when we can get back into the buildings.
  5. Parents, students, and staff – Plan on this lasting longer by at least 1 to 2 months with the idea if it ends earlier, it’s easy to get back up and running into the buildings than not to have a plan for the rest of the year.
  6. Attendance will be important for staff and students to make some form of connection through the method determined by the teacher and parent.  Again, this is part of the plan to show the state we are doing everything we can to meet the expectations that the students are learning during this time and to minimize any chance of an extended school year.

The district office will continue to be open and have normal operating hours.  If you need to get ahold of anyone, please call.  Do not stop in unless you have a scheduled appointment.  If you are experiencing any signs of being sick, we ask that you do not come to the office and risk exposing the staff.

Thank you for your patience and sacrifice during this time.  I know this is hard and difficult.  I will do everything I can from my level and with the admin team to help students get through this.  Working together will allow us to have the best possible outcome.  Please stay healthy.


Jim Wagner

Johnson County School District