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Johnson County School District #1 Reopens Schools for Visitation and Volunteering

BUFFALO, WY. (February 25, 2022) — Johnson County School District #1 is announcing the reopening of schools for greater visitation on a daily basis. Parents, guardians and family members may now join students for lunch, visit classrooms for parent-teacher conferences, and enjoy special events and school-wide meetings. 

New visitation policies include proper safety and security measures, as well as advanced notice of visitation. COVID testing will not be required, however we will require visitors who have had symptoms or tested positive within the last five (5) days to delay their visitation.

School lunch visitation will require advanced notice to ensure our food service teams are prepared to serve all guests, with students remaining the first priority. Likewise, we will limit our daily visitors for lunch to ten (10) per grade level at each elementary school to ensure our facilities are not overwhelmed and that each school’s regular lunch remains on schedule.

Meadowlark Elementary School & Cloud Peak Elementary School 

  • Schedule lunch visitation two days in advance by contacting your school’s front office

  • Maximum of ten (10) parents/guardians per grade level per day

Kaycee K-12 School, Clear Creek Middle School, Buffalo High School

  • Schedule lunch visitation two days in advance by contacting your school’s front office

If you have questions or to learn more about parental visitation, please call your child’s school. 

We are also in the process of developing new parent/guardian volunteerism policies, which will launch  August 2022.   The District’s objective is to enhance family engagement while ensuring our program is purpose-driven and protective of critical instructional time for all students. Everything that happens in our classroom must increase student learning and enhance educational outcomes.

Administrators will design the program with community input, keeping the following parameters in mind:

  • What is our educational focus for parent/guardian volunteers?

  • What do our educators need from parent/guardian volunteers to be supported in each classroom?  Ultimately it is the teachers’ prerogative as to whether they have volunteers in their classroom.

  • How will we ensure we protect critical student information (confidentiality)?

  • What is our safety and security approach, including launching our new digital visitor management system? 

  • How will we implement the program in an organized, safe and secure fashion? 

    • Application process

    • Parent/guardian training

    • Deploying each parent/guardian volunteer to our greatest benefit

    • Ongoing training and use of staff to ensure program is increasing student learning and outcomes

Children are the priority. Change is the reality. Collaboration is the strategy.” 

– Judith Billings