students reading in the library

The best, and MOST IMPORTANT, way that middle school readers grow is to spend lots of time reading

          Teachers try to give them as much time as possible during the school days, but reading at home is so essential. Turning all electronics off for an hour before bedtime, and joining your daughter or son for 20 minutes of quiet reading time every evening during that last hour, is a great way to model good living habits and help your child grow as a student at the same time. Everyone will rest  better, wake up more refreshed, grow in reading skills, and be more prepared to learn and perform the next day.

Reading 20-30 minutes every night is every student’s homework assignment, every night, for Literacy class. So do not let them tell you they don’t have any homework. They do! Each one of them needs to enjoy at least 100 pages of reading each week in order to grow in the essential reading skills of vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency!