New West High School provides Johnson County students with an alternative opportunity for high school success through personalized, integrated, and community-focused learning.


New West High School fulfills JCSD1's mission of meeting the educational need of all Johnson County students.

We prepare students to thrive in a changing world through innovative alternative education opportunities while helping them develop a strong sense of connection to our communities.


Learning is supported at New West High School through personal learning practices, integrated learning opportunities, and community connections.

Personal Learning Practices. Personalized learning is more than a written plan; it is a set of daily practices that reinforce the commitment to goals. Students will spend time with staff becoming aware of their learning needs and developing personal learning practices.

Integrated Learning. Most knowledge and skills are not specific to any one area of study. At New West, students have the opportunity to learn through integrated courses and projects, making connections among the content areas that they can continue to build upon.

Community Connections. Connections to our communities--our school community, Johnson County and Wyoming, and the larger human community--provide opportunities for mentorship, authentic assessment, and cultural awareness.