Values. New West High School has established these interconnected values as the foundation of our learning program. It is by these values that we measure our success.

Purpose. Students working with purpose demonstrate intrinsic motivation, maintain a positive attitude, choose effective learning strategies, and are willing to take risks to meet their learning goals.

Engagement. Engaged students make forward progress toward their learning goals through a commitment to their work, time management, attentiveness and concentration, and sustained effort.

Autonomy. Having the independence to choose what, when, and how to study gives students the opportunity to discover what is most relevant to them and why. Personalizing learning promotes creativity and confidence.

Support. Teachers and other staff demonstrate care and concern for students and their families through ongoing, supportive, respectful interactions. Students demonstrate respect, acceptance, and support for one another.

Hope. Optimism about future success encourages the development of challenging goals, strategies to achieve them, and the motivation and resilience to overcome obstacles.


How is New West different? At New West, the educational program is personalized for each student, providing students with the motivation to actively engage with caring, supportive staff in order better enjoy and complete their high school experience.

Who can enroll at New West? For the 2020-2021 school year, New West High School is accepting applications from incoming juniors and seniors.

How do students enroll at New West? Students can apply for the New West program by completing the application found here. Applications are reviewed by New West and are only accepted during certain times of the year.

Can New West students earn a high school diploma? Yes! New West students work toward earning their high school diploma through Buffalo High School. Students pursuing the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship should work with New West staff and JCSD1 guidance and counseling services to ensure they meet the scholarship requirements.

Why might students and families choose New West? Every student’s educational journey is unique, so students and families may have a variety of reasons to choose New West. Our personalized learning practices, commitment to alternative modes of learning, and small learning community are appealing to many students and families.

Is transportation provided? Transportation to and from BHS is provided before and after school. Transportation will also be provided to BHS for student electives during 7th and 8th periods, as well as for students who have made exceptional arrangements. Students who have valid drivers licenses will be allowed to transport themselves.

What about lunch? In the best interest of our student's safety and educational needs, New West High School has a CLOSED campus for lunch. This allows students to spend their day focused on what's most important. Students may choose to order school lunch, bring their own, or order delivery from a local restaurant.