inclement weather image

JCSD #1 is monitoring the developing winter storm forecasted to impact the area and will provide updates as they are warranted. Students will be bringing home laptops and other materials needed for potential virtual school days. These are the procedures to determine our next couple of days:

Plan A: Normal start if the snowstorm isn't as bad as they are saying.

Plan B: 2 hour delay- at the moment the NWS is thinking the snow will let up around 9 am

Plan C: Virtual school- if we can't have a normal day or a 2 hour late start, we will plan for a virtual day.

Plan D: If power and/or communication is limited, we will cancel school and make up the day in June.

As of right now, we are scheduled for a regular start tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, but will follow the normal protocols for weather conditions starting at 4 am.