Counseling Program Overview

What do School Counselors in JCSD#1 Do?

—We want to build a relationship with all students and check in with each of them as needed for academic or social concerns.

We assist in mediation between students in hopes to have students begin to use these skills on their own.

We work with students to find out how they can use their strengths and interests to become successful not only in school, and their future careers, but in life.

Individual counseling is an intervention to empower students  to overcome their emotional issues and become academically focused.  If necessary, a referral to an outside counselor may occur.

We work with all students to assist in setting goals or Individual Learning Plans (ILP) that apply to their academic, career and personal/social development.

We want to build relationships with parents by working together.  With a primary obligation to the student, confidentiality is balanced with an understanding of the parents’ legal and inherent rights to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.

We respect students’ values and beliefs without imposing our own personal values on the situation.

We  adhere to laws, local guidelines and ethical standards of practice when assisting parents/guardians experiencing family difficulties interfering with a student’s effectiveness and welfare.  By law, school counselors must report any case of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities.

We are sensitive to diversity among families and recognize that all parents/guardians, custodial and noncustodial, have certain rights and responsibilities for their children’s welfare.

Counselor’s Four Areas of Focus

School Guidance Curriculum

 Classroom Instruction

 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development

 Whole School Activities

 Building Intervention Teams

 Parent Education and Collaboration

Individual Student Planning

 Academic Counseling

 Attendance Counseling

 Graduation-Focused Coaching

 Transition Services

Responsive Services

 Academic-Focused  Short-Term Counseling

   -IEP Counseling (weekly session per IEP)

   -Open Counseling (weekly session for a given amount of time for a specific issue)

   -Crisis Counseling (as needed for up to three sessions)

   -Mediation (as needed)

—System Support

 Team  Meetings and Consultation

 In-service training

 Community Outreach and Collaboration

 Parent Outreach and Collaboration

 Duties and being a part of the school community


Counseling Resource Links