Adoption Date: 6/1/1973, Revised: 9/1/1999; 10/27/1986; 9/94
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EEAA Isolation in Lieu of Transportation

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Kindergarten, elementary, and high school students residing outside the city limits on federal/state/county maintained roads with established bus routes will be transported to school at district expense.

Isolation and Maintenance Payments

Many children in the district live long distances from a school that is in operation and from established bus routes, and, for these reasons, are considered "isolated."

In such instances, isolation or maintenance payments shall be established by the Board of Trustees in compliance with regulations of the State Board of Education. Parents will not receive payments for the first 2 miles, each way, that they transport their students to and from established bus routes or to and from school. Family must demonstrate that living in an isolated area is necessary for their financial well being to qualify for isolation/maintenance payments.

All persons making application for isolation payments shall be informed at the beginning of the school year that necessary claims with signed vouchers, must be submitted to the superintendent's office prior to the first regular Board meeting in June to receive payment. Mileage will be paid to the nearest bus route or school, whichever is closer.

In order for the board to approve reimbursement for private transportation or maintenance of isolated pupils, the parent or legal guardian must sign a Wyoming Department of Education approved form certifying that the ability to earn a substantial portion of the family income is directly related to and enhanced by the family residing in the isolated location listed in the family address space at the top of the form.

LEGAL REFS.: W.S. 2l.l-65 and 2l.l-70

Wyoming Education Policies Reference Manual, codes EEA-E and EEAA