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As our community has grown, so has student enrollment at Meadowlark Elementary School.  Our school serves students in kindergarten through the third grade and is currently at capacity as we have added classes to ensure a student-teacher ratio which supports our young children with the caring attention they need and deserve in order to grow and learn.   Walls have been added to create the additional spaces necessary for quality instruction.  Our gymnasium doubles as our cafeteria. An increase in enrollment has led to the modification of our lunch scheduling so that students may have enough time to enjoy their lunch and the gym can still be ready for physical education instruction beginning at 1:00pm. Additionally, our school began a cycle of remodeling in the summer of 2010 as six classrooms on the north side of the building were updated with solid walls and new light fixtures, paint, cabinetry and carpet.  Our school will continue to be remodeled in phases in the summers to come.