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CPES Vision, Mission & Values

Cloud Peak Elementary School

MISSION – JCSD #1 collaborates with our communities to graduate every student with the information, confidence, responsibility, and skills to be prepared for college, career, and the workforce.

MISSION – Why do we exist (our fundamental purpose)?

The mission at Cloud Peak Elementary is to ensure that all students feel safe to thrive and grow, and are challenged on a daily basis.

VISION - JCSD #1 guarantees a learning environment where every student grows every day in his or her overall well-being and academic achievement.

VISION - What must we become in order to accomplish our fundamental purpose?

We strive to create a community which prepares students to be successful; one in which students and staff are engaged and passionate about their learning.

VALUES - What collective commitments (shared values) must we make to fulfill our shared vision?

  • Create a learning environment in which all students feel safe and capable by providing meaningful and engaging learning activities.

  • Promote social growth, through our focus on Positive Behaviors (PBIS) and classroom guidance, as our students become adolescents.

  • Commit to excellence and high academic growth for ALL students.

  • Continue to believe that all students can and will succeed.

GOALS – What results do we seek and how will we know we are making progress?

  1. ____% of students will be reading at grade level as measured by district assessment, MAP, &/or PAWS.  Those not at grade level will be closer than the previous year.

    1. MAP = 64%

    2. PAWS = 59%

    3. DIBELS = 89%

  1. ____% of students will be Algebra 1 ready on the End of Year MAP assessment.  Those that are not, will be closer to the goal than they were the previous year.  

    1. MAP = 70%

    2. PAWS = 49%

  1. ____% of students will score proficient or advanced on the PAWS Science Assessment.  2015=67%

  1. Students at CPES will develop habits and attitudes that help keep them on track for graduation.  To do this all students need to be in school 96% (<2 ab per qtr) of the time. Trend since 2009 = 94%-95%

  1. All students and staff will feel emotionally and physically safe, as measured by the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory.