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Data and Publications

*An effective accountability system must answer at least four common sense questions:

How's my kid doing?
How are our schools doing?
What works best to help students learn?
Do test scores prove the effectiveness of educational programs?
We believe both quantitative and qualitative indicators are critical in determining the answers to these questions. School performance is more than test scores, it is also the opportunities and support systems provided to each child. Click the links to the left to explore our public data. These links will be frequently updated, please check back.

Please note: In August, 2013, Clear Creek Elementary School (grades 4-5) was closed and Cloud Peak Elementary School was opened. At that time, 3rd grade moved from Meadowlark Elementary School to Cloud Peak Elementary School.

*Reeves, D.B. (2004). Accountability in action: A blueprint for learning organizations, 2nd Ed. Englewood, CO: Advanced Learning Press.