Purchasing Services

This web page has been developed to provide a means of communication and collaboration between Johnson County School District No. 1 and it's vendor-partners.

The District purchases a wide variety of products and services from paper and pencils to computers and snow removal equipment. The District is continuously looking for quality vendors to supply those items and services.

Purchasing Policies:

Current Bids & Contracts:

Methods of Purchasing

All purchases made by Johnson County School District No. 1 are tax-exempt under Wyoming State Law.

Johnson County School District No. 1 uses the following preferred methods of purchasing to procure goods and services: 

  • Purchase Order
  • Emergency (Local) Purchase Order
  • Visa Purchasing Card

Purchase Order:  Standard district purchase orders are considered valid agreements to procure goods and/or services if the purchase order contains all of the following information: 

  • A district purchase order number generated by Purchasing Services;
  • An authorized signature from either the Superintendent of Schools or the Business Manager;
  • A brief description of the goods and/or services being procured;
  • Accurate pricing;
  • Shipping instructions;
  • Quantity of items to be purchased;
  • General conditions of the purchase package;
  • Bid number, when applicable.

Note: The Business Office is solely responsible for generating standard purchase orders.

Purchase Order: Open-ended (Blanket) Purchase Orders are issued to pre-approved vendors in order to facilitate the acquisition of routinely purchased goods and/or services. 

Note: The Business Office is solely responsible for generating open-ended purchase orders.

Purchase Order:  Local (Emergency) Purchase Orders are utilized by schools and departments to obtain non-equipment goods and/or services under $100 from local vendors.

Note:  All legitimate Local Purchase Orders are pre-numbered

Visa Purchasing Card:  Many District employees with purchasing authority have been issued VISA Purchasing Cards.

Disclaimer:  Johnson County School District No. 1 will not guarantee payment for goods and/or services without an official Johnson County School District No. 1 purchase order number. Vendors are advised not to accept an order from any representative of Johnson County School District No. 1 unless you are given a purchase order number or a valid (District issued) Visa card is utilized for the transaction.