Site and Building Inventory

Site & Building Inventory 
Site Name:Acreage:Notes:
Central Administration2 AcresDistrict Office, Warehouse, Grounds, & Maintenance
Learning Center1 AcreThis site is currently used for storage
Grace Field6 AcresMiddle School Track & Field and Concession-Restroom-Storage Facility
393 Gatchell2 City LotsSpecial Services Offices
Clear Creek Middle School9 AcresClear Creek Middle School, Middle School Football Field, Multi-Purpose Outdoor Space, Concession-Restroom-Storage Facility
Meadowlark Elementary7 AcresMeadowlark Elementary, Restroom-Storage Facility, and Soccer Field Complex
Buffalo High School105 AcresBuffalo High School, Vo-Tech Facility, Athletic Complex (Track & Field, Football, Soccer, Multi-Purpose Space, Concession Stand, Restroom & Storage Facility), Ag Farm, District Bus Barn,
Cloud Peak Elementary 8 AcresCloud Peak Elementary School, Buell Field
Kaycee School73 AcresKaycee K-12 Facility, Vo-Tech Facility, Ag Farm, Athletic Complex (Football, Soccer, Track & Field)
Kaycee Bus Barn1 AcresBus Barn, District Storage Facility
Residential Property2 Lots4-Plex Apartment Complex (Teacherage), Empty Lot - Kaycee
Residential Property4 Lots4 Residential Homes (Teacherages) - Kaycee
Residential Property2 lotsEmpty Lots - Kaycee
Residential Property1 Lot1 Residential Home (Teacherage) - Buffalo