Completed Projects 2016/2017

Admin Grounds Garage DoorReplace 2 bad garage doors and openers
Admin Lighting UpgradesFinish all outside LED Replacements
Admin New WHSE GutterInstall new gutter N side of warehouse
Admin Sprinkler RepairRepair water main break and concrete back of Admin
Admin Switch Rm A/CReplace switch room A/C unit
Admin Whse PhoneNew phones and hardware for warehouse
BHS AHU2 CoolingRepair, add freon to AHU2
BHS Art Room PlumbingReplumb art room sinks
BHS Ballast RepairRepair asst ballasts at BHS
BHS CarpetReplace Carpet
BHS CC Track DrainageFix drainage of cross country track
BHS Crack SealingCrack Seal Parking Lots
BHS Cooler CompressorReplace Walk In Cooler Compressor
BHS Cooler ControlsUpdate Cooler and Freezer Controls
BHS Electric for Storage ShedInstall electrical main and lighting in storage shed
BHS Gym Floor RecoatRecoat Gym Floors
BHS HDCP OpenerReplace Lower door HDCP Opener
BHS HDCP OpenerReplace teacher door HDCP opener
BHS Irrigation Ditch RepairRepair Irrigation Ditch for sprinklers on fields
BHS Lift station motorReplace lift station motor that is burnt out.
BHS Lighting UpgradesFinish all outside LED Replacements
BHS Lower Road ConcreteFix drainage and repair road
BHS Metals Class HeaterReplace clssroom heater
BHS Metals HeaterReplace Metal Shop Heater
BHS Paint Parking LotsPaint parking spaces and crosswalks
BHS Roof RepairRepair roof above band office
BHS RTU1 CompressorReplace A/C compressor on RTU1 for Auditorium
BHS Rusian OlivesEradicate Russian Olives and repairs to track
BHS Science GasReplumb science gas piping
BHS Seal Coat Parking lotsSeal Coat Parking Lots
BHS Soccer ElectricalRepair electrical on soccer field
BHS Stage LightingFinish project with master shut off
BHS Storage ElectricAdd electric to storage shed for safety lighting.
BUS Barn DrainageFix drainage around Bus Barn
BUS Barn Lighting UpgradesFinish all outside LED Replacements
BUS Barn OperatorReplace Operator and bearings
BUS Barn RoadRepair main road ditches
BUS Barn Slope Behind GarageSlope earth behind north bus garage, foundation washed out
BUS Barn Split SystemReplace office AC and 2 shop swamp coolers.
BUS Barn UrinalReplace Urinal in Co Ed bathroom
BUS Exterior LightingReplace all exterior lights with LED
CCMS Art Room HeatRepair Art Room Heat adding VAV from storage room
CCMS CarpetReplace Carpet
CCMS Cooler ControlsUpdate Cooler and Freezer Controls
CCMS Crack SealingCrack Seal Parking Lots
CCMS DisposalReplace Disposal
CCMS DishwasherReplace Dishwasher
CCMS FB LightsStabilize hillside for FB lights, tighten bolts, re-caulk
CCMS Gym Floor RecoatRecoat Gym Floors
CCMS LandscapingInstall large boulders and zero scape grasses around building
CCMS Lighting UpgradesFinish all outside LED Replacements
CCMS Main Water LineRepair water main leaking
CCMS Paint Parking LotsRepaint curbs and crosswalks
CCMS Paint Grace Field DoorsPaint doors at concession stand
CCMS Rtu2 RepairsRepair RTU2
CCMS Shower StallsReplace shower stalls
CPES Cooler ControlsUpdate Cooler and Freezer Controls
CPES FenceBuild Fence
CPES Gym Floor RecoatRecoat Gym Floors
CPES Roof LeaksRepair asst leaks in membrane roof
GRACE doorsRepair and refinish Grace Field doors.
KC Air Cleaner SwitchesInstall switches left out during construction
KC Ballast RepairRepair 15 bad ballasts
KC Boiler Pump RepairsRepair bolier pumps
KC Boiler RepairRepair misfiring boiler
KC Build Secure VestibuleMake entry into secure vestibule
KC CarpetReplace Carpet
KC CNC AirInstall air filter for cnc machine
KC Cooler CompressorReplace Cooler Compressor
KC Crack SealingCrack Seal Parking Lots
KC DishwasherReplace Dishwasher
KC DisposalReplace Disposal
KC Gym Floor RecoatRecoat Gym Floors
KC Paint School SkirtLiquid fertilizer injection system to save on labor
KC Install DoorInstall door between SPED and Library
KC Lighting UpgradesFinish all outside LED Replacements
KC Pump VFDReplace VFD on Boiler Circ pump 2
KC Server CoolingElectrical for server cooling replacement
KC Supply FanRepair Supply Fan RTU4
KC Sprinkler SystemInstall sprinkler system on football field
KC Window RepairReplace glass in windows
KC Wood ChipsAdd wood chips to playground
KC Teacherage Doors, WindowsRepair windows replace door in teacherage
KC Teacherage FurnaceReplace furnace in brick teacherage
KC Teacherage RemodelRepair flooring and trim 225 1/2 Campbell
MDLK AHU2 DriveReplace drive in AHU2
MDLK Boiler MotorReplace boiler draft motor
MDLK Boiler RepairRepair boilers
MDLK CarpetReplace Carpet
MDLK Crack SealingCrack Seal Parking Lots
MDLK ConcreteReplace server hut parking area
MDLK CoolerRepair walk in cooler, add freon
MDLK FreezerRepair Freezer w/new compressor
MDLK Kitchen BoilerRepair boiler for kitchen
MDLK Landscape RocksAdd donated landscape rocks around school
MDLK LED LightingReplace lounge lights with LED's
MDLK Lighting UpgradesFinish outside LED Replacements
MDLK Gym SoundReplace gym sound system
MDLK New Gym DoorsReplace original doors and hardware off gym
MDLK Parking LotRepair drainage, compaction and concrete outside kitchen
MDLK Phone SystemReplace phone system
MDLK Roof DrainsRepair and relocate roof drain west side of dock
MDLK Update for HVACUpdate software and controller due to JAVA changes
MDLK Wood ChipsAdd wood chips to playground
SPED Phone SystemReplace SPED phone System

Updated 03/13/2017