Completed Projects 2015/2016

Admin ElectricalNew Lights in warehouse
Admin ElectricalNew Lights in Admin
Admin HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
ADMIN Paint DoorsFill Holes, Paint doors and Jams, Letters, acid wash all window frames
Admin Parking LotSeal Cote and Stripe
ADMIN Security AccessFob access for Warehouse
BHS Auditorium LightingRepair Dimmer Lights
BHS Auditorium SoundReplace monitors, reposition speakers, set up system
BHS Stage LightingReplace Stage lighting with LED lights and computer/ Ipad controllers
BHS Commons ConcreteFill in drains with concrete to aleiviate dangerous metal. Drain pan lower loop rd.
BHS Compressor DryerNew compressor dryer for metal shop
BHS CarpetCommons entry carpet replacement
BHS Commons to LC ConcreteAngle sidewalk from commons concrete to the Learning Center
BHS Discus and ShotputRe- Layout discus and shotput areas
BHS Discuss NetNetting system for Discuss
BHS DishwasherReplace Dishwasher
BHS Dust CollectorReplace dust collector and ductwork, resizing system to appropriate levels
BHS Front Walkway Diagonal ConcreteAngle front sidewalk outside Mr B's window, kids cut through there.
BHS Gym Floor MaterialsRefinish Gym Floors
BHS HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
BHS KilnReplace art room kiln
BHS Lighting UpgradesReplace asst lights with LED
BHS Metal Shop Air FiltrationAdd ceiling unit, portable, and enclose CNC machine
BHS Metal Shop WallBuild wall in gas torch area
BHS Parking LotRepair, Seal, and Repaint parking lot
BHS Roadway Parking LotRegrade and repair soccer field road
BHS Sidewalk ReplacementReplace damaged sidewalks
BUS Water HeaterReplace Bus Barn water heater
BUS New Carpet and BaseboardReplace old worn carpeting with carpet squares
BUS New LightsReplace Mandated T12 lighting with new lT5 lighting
CCMS Concession GuttersInstall Gutters on concessions
CCMS East Pkg RetainingConstruct concrete side wings to east parking lot for looks and to help with drainage
CCMS FencingRepair fence and gates at football field
CCMS Gym Floor MaterialsRefinish Gym Floors
CCMS Gym LightingGym Lighting repairs
CCMS HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
CCMS Lighting UpgradesReplace asst lights with LED
CCMS Paint Stair RailingsRepaint stair railings inside
CCMS Parking LotSeal Cote parking lot
CCMS Refinish Gym FloorRefinish Gym floor
CCMS Vestibule leakNew vestibule leaks, North wall of commons needs caulked to stop leaking. Snow guard needed on roof of vestibule. Re Glue rubber walkways on roof that have come loose and check out whole roof.
CCMS Water FountainsInstall 3 bottle fillers on fountains
CPES Add walk through gateAdd gate to retention pond area to retrieve balls
CPES Air TestingTest air in 3rd grade wing for mold
CPES Extend Concrete Sidewalk & HeaveExtend sidewalk on north side of main parking lot to meet street sidewalk and fix frost heave at playground door, also sidewalk along N Side of BBall Court
CPES Gym Floor MaterialsRefinish Gym Floors
CPES HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
CPES Lift StationRepairs on lift station
CPES Move Playground FenceMove north playground fence so plow isnt running on soft surface playground
CPES Move East FenceMove fence to top of hill
CPES Repair Lift StationNew pump and repair of sewer lift station
CPES Roof RepairRepair holes in roof causing leaks
KC BleachersReplacement seats for bleachers
KC Garbage DisposalReplace garbage disposal ahead of dish washer
KC Gym FloorRefinish Gym Floors
KC HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
KC Irrigation PumpReplacing propane engine pump with Electric Pump
KC Lighting UpgradesReplace outside building lights with LED
KC Parking Lot LightsReplace parking lot lights with LED bulbs
KC Parking Lot Project 2015-16Repair, regrade, restripe, and seal coat front lots as part of KC City road project
KC Phone SystemReplace phone system
KC Pump ElectricalNew transmission lines and transformer to run new pump
KC Pump EnclosureSmall shed to enclose pump
KC Server CoolingCool down server room
KC SprinklerMaterials for sprinkler project
KC Teacherage FenceMove fence and sprinkler that are on neighbors property
MDLK Concessions DoorsReplace doors, Paint, and Repair Gutters
MDLK Cooler DoorRebuild walk in cooler door.
MDLK DrainageBuild sidewalk and correct drainage on playground
MDLK HVAC RepairAsst HVAC Repairs
MDLK New Gym FloorReplace 20 year old Tartan floor
MDLK RemodelBuild wall between Lavigne and Caldwell
MDLK Remove SwingsRemove swings, remove wood chips, add topsoil and mulch for gardens
MDLK Server HutRepair HVAC and UPS
SPED PaintingPaint Door and refinish Decks
TEACHERAGE DeckRepair and Refinish Teacherage Decks
TEACHERAGE Water HeaterReplace water heater- Desmet

Updated 6/10/2016