Completed Projects 2014/2015

ADMIN ElectricalInstall electrical outlets in board room, LED lights, flag light
ADMIN GuttersNew gutters on Warehouse at Admin
ADMIN Paint DoorsFill Holes, Paint doors and Jams, Letters, acid wash all window frames
ADMIN Security AccessFob access for Warehouse
BHS Ag Farm RoadCrown and level road, add crushed asphalt
BHS AG LightingNew T5 lights and Service disconnect per Score 2 from SFD
BHS Building RekeyDeadbolt locks for storage shed
BHS Commons ConcreteFill in drains with concrete to aleiviate dangerous metal. Drain pan lower loop rd.
BHS Commons to LC ConcreteAngle sidewalk from commons concrete to the Learning Center
BHS DrainageFix drainage around concessions
BHS Concession GuttersReplace West gutter and install Snow Guard on roof
BHS DrainageIrrigation ditch repair
BHS Discus and ShotputRe- Layout discus and shotput areas
BHS Elevator RepairRepair Auditorium elevator
BHS Front Walkway Diagonal ConcreteAngle front sidewalk outside Mr B's window, kids cut through there.
BHS Kitchen Serving LineRemodel area for a single lane serving line
BHS Light PoleReplace damaged light pole
BHS Metal Shop Air FiltrationAdd ceiling unit, portable, and enclose CNC machine
BHS Metal Shop Dust CollectorRepair Existing Dust Collector
BHS Paint DoorsDoors are very bad looking
BHS Paint RailingPaint all weathered and rusted railings
BHS Parking LotRepair, Seal, and Repaint parking lot
BHS Parking Lot LightingRepair parking lot lights
BHS Replace Bison LightsReplace ground level lighting with LED spotlights off of front awning. Kids keep breaking ground level which creates a shock hazard
BHS Roadway Parking LotRegrade and repair soccer field road
BHS Security Access VestibuleBuild security vestibule
BHS Security AccessInstall FOB access and HDCP door controls
BHS Sidewalk ReplacementReplace damaged sidewalks
BHS Soccer Net SystemInstall soccer net system to catch balls
BHS Soccer NetsRepair sprinklers damaged by soccer net install
BHS Stair TreadsReplace stair treads wrestling stairs
BHS Water breakRepair broken water line and concrete
BHS Wrestling Room FloorInstall new rubber floor
Bus Barn FiberInstall fiber from Bus Barn to Grounds Shop
Bus Barn GuttersNew gutters at bus barn
BUS New LightsReplace Mandated T12 lighting with new lT5 lighting
CCMS Concession GuttersInstall Gutters on concessions
CCMS East Pkg RetainingConstruct concrete side wings to east parking lot for looks and to help with drainage
CCMS FencingRepair fence and gates at football field
CCMS Paint Stair RailingsRepaint stair railings inside
CCMS Refinish Gym FloorRefinish Gym floor
CCMS RTU BearingsRebuild bearings in roof top unit
CCMS Security DoorsAdd FOB access and security vestibule
CCMS Stair LightingNew LED lights over main stairs
CCMS Vestibule leakNew vestibule leaks, North wall of commons needs caulked to stop leaking. Snow guard needed on roof of vestibule. Re Glue rubber walkways on roof that have come loose and check out whole roof.
CCMS VestibuleFinish up of commons vestibule
CCMS Water FountainsInstall 3 bottle fillers on fountains
CPES Add walk through gateAdd gate to retention pond area to retrieve balls
CPES Air TestingTest air in 3rd grade wing for mold
CPES Extend Concrete Sidewalk & HeaveExtend sidewalk on north side of main parking lot to meet street sidewalk and fix frost heave at playground door, also sidewalk along N Side of BBall Court
CPES Move Playground FenceMove north playground fence so plow isnt running on soft surface playground
CPES Move East FenceMove fence to top of hill
CPES Playground DrainageInstall drain line across soccer field
CPES Replace Boiler ControlsWarranty labor for blown out boiler control
CPES Repair Lift StationNew pump and repair of sewer lift station
CPES Roof RepairRepair holes in roof causing leaks
KC Bleacher RepairRepair Bleachers
KC Computer Lab ElectricalMove computer lab from Elementary Library to Language room
KC ElectricalVarious electrical fixes due to power soike and brown outs
KC Gym FloorRefinish Gym Floors
KC Gym LightsInstall new LED gym lighting
KC Irrigation PumpReplacing propane engine pump with Electric Pump
KC Parking Lot LightsReplace parking lot lights with LED bulbs
KC Pump ElectricalNew transmission lines and transformer to run new pump
KC RepaintingRepaint all doors and door jams
KC Replace Building LightsReplace all exterior building lights with LED lighting
KC Security AccessHandicap and front door access controls
KC SidewalkNew sidewalk from elementary wing to parking lot
KC SteamerReplace kitchen steamer
KC Teacherage FenceMove fence and sprinkler that are on neighbors property
KC Walk In Cooler RepairRepair Walk In Cooler and Freezer
KC Water LeakRepair water line
KC Water SoftenerInstall whole building water softener
MDLK Entry LightsChange entry lights to LED
MDLK Kitchen EquipmentReplace serving line steamer
MDLK Level playgroundLevel playground with top soil
MDLK Parking Lot LightingRepair parking lot lights
MDLK PlaygroundMove playground, widen entry fences for plowing, basketball hoop replacement
MDLK RemodelBuild wall between Lavigne and Caldwell
MDLK Remodel Summer 2013Finish up from previous years remodel project
MDLK Remove SwingsRemove swings, remove wood chips, add topsoil and mulch for gardens
MDLK Server HutRepair HVAC and UPS
MDLK Student Drop OffFinish up of student drop off project
MDLK Student Drop OffInstall concrete box over where Fiber Line was cut to CCMS during construction
MDLK Walk In Cooler RepairInstall new Walk In Cooler Floor
MDLK Wood Chip Swamp Playground AreaFill in area between wood chip playground and basketball court with wood chips, border, and fabric
SPED PaintingPaint Door and refinish Decks
TEACHERAGE DeckRepair and Refinish Teacherage Decks

Updated 7/29/2015