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Board of Trustees

Good school systems begin with good school boards.  

The primary focus of the 9 member board of Trustees at JCSD1 is to improve and encourage student achievement at every level. The Board of Trustees at the JCSD1 are committed to a process of governance that focuses on policy and expectations. The board holds itself accountable for the outcomes in the school district.

Johnson County School Board #1 board members work as a team, working through issues to arrive at consensus.

  • They are willing to spend time to learn and become better leaders.

  • They are desirous of serving the community to enhance education for all.

  • They respect other viewpoints from their own.

  • They recognize that they represent the public, and need to continue to earn the public trust.

School boards and districts with the highest levels of student achievement are different from others. Boards with higher achievement use the principals of Leadership Governance (LG) to guide their districts. JCSD1 is committed to utilizing the Leadership Governance system for this reason. LG helps us to maintain focus at the board level on student achievement. We have a set of policies and expectations that we follow. We review them monthly, receive data from school leaders in response to them, and we hold ourselves accountable for the achievement the district makes under these policies and expectations.

Perhaps the single most important job of the school board is to employ the Superintendent of Schools. The board then holds that person responsible for managing the schools. The board sets the expectations and goals for the district, and the board sees that the Superintendent pursues those goals.

Because the board is a governmental body, no one individual board member has any authority over the schools or administrator. The board can only take actions with a majority vote at a public meeting.

The term of office for most school board members is 4 years, and many serve more than one term. JCSD1 is one of the largest employers in Johnson County. Governing an organization of this magnitude is an awesome responsibility.

Being a member of the school board is a rewarding and satisfying experience. The hours spent in meetings or training are all worth it when we consider that we are working to ensure a great education for our community.