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Board Goals

Well Being Goal:
All children in Johnson County will be safe and supported while growing in their overall well-being.


     Staff, parents and community collaborate to support a positive and safe school climate.

     Ensure all students' physical, social, emotional, and nutritional needs are addressed.

     Ensure all incoming kindergarten students are kindergarten ready.

Academic Goal:
Each JCSD#1 student will achieve their academic growth targets.


     Implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum

     Prioritized standards

     Proficiency scales

     Implement district grade level assessment data teams

     Implement systems of academic intervention and extensions of learning

Graduation Goal:

All JCSD1 students will graduate ready for college, career, and the workforce.


     By the end of 3rd grade and every consecutive year, all students will be reading at or above grade level.

     By the end of 8th grade, all students will be high school Algebra ready.

     Beginning with the 9th grade year, all students will have a personal learning plan.

  Objectives: Baseline__________Target for 2016____________Bold Goal 2021____________

(For each objective there will be a starting point of data (baseline) with a target to meet after one year which is adjusted accordingly for year two, three, four and then a bold goal for the 5th year being all or 100%)


Mission (what) Vision (why)– Goals (what we will accomplish) – Collective Commitments (How we will accomplish –beliefs & values) Objectives (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) Roadmaps(Implementation steps/strategies (what will be done?) Responsibilities (Who will Do it?) Resources (funding/time/people/materials/training) Timeline (By when? Day/Month)